MBA556: Current Topics in Information Systems Management

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Course Overview

This course serves as an overview of some of the most relevant and timely topics in the IT field today. Sudents will be exposed to a variety of subjects and will be tasked with analyzing and becoming conversant in various subject areas through the creation and submission of a series of discussions and papers.  These assignments are designed to showcase the student’s insight and perception on these points of interest in modern Information Technology.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Explain, in significant detail and analytical perspective, current topics in information systems management.
  • Analyze and illustrate how emerging information technologies can impact business models, business decisions, and the strategic direction of an organization.
  • Provide credible concepts for the future application of Geographic Information Systems as they relate to global positioning and geo-location of related objects, structures, and businesses.
  • Synthesize how an Enterprise Information System can offer a more thorough platform in the operation of a company, including centralized functions and high-quality performance to meet large organizational needs.