MBA557: Business Intelligence

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Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course provides an overview of business intelligence, the software tools and vendors that en-able business intelligence, and the means by which business intelligence may be understood. The course begins by defining business intelligence then moves through a logical progression of illus-trating the data sources from which intelligence may be derived. Further, the course presents how the normalization and governance of that data is achieved, then dives into technical details on how the data is transformed into intelligible, actionable information.

The course project consists of assignments completed throughout the course that require a modi-cum of research and evaluation of business intelligence enabling software, vendors, or data sources. The course project assignments form a cohesive whole that will be combined into a single document by course end suitable for consumption by business executives charged with making decisions on proceeding with business intelligence.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Investigate the topic of business intelligence.
  • Identify and examine the major components and activities of business intelligence.
  • Investigate business intelligence vendor research; applied to a real-world business situation.
  • Research and evaluate business intelligence data sources, big data, data quality, and data governance.
  • Analyze and differentiate business intelligence vendor offerings.
  • Examine the outputs of business intelligence. Articulate how these may be used for business decision support.
  • Postulate on the future uses of business intelligence.