MBA593: Investment and Portfolio Management

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course focuses on the theories, practices, and tools associated with the analysis of financial assets. The emphasis is on the securities markets, the valuation of individual securities, and portfolio management. Students will investigate a wide range of related topics including:

  • Efficient market and portfolio theories
  • Economy, industry, and market analysis
  • Valuation of stocks and bonds
  • Asset pricing models

The course project is a Portfolio Analysis: Evaluating Portfolio Performance. Students will track the performance of four different securities daily and apply various investment theories and tools to complete written analyses of the data gathered and additional research.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Apply investment theories to the management of corporate portfolios.
  • Evaluate corporate investment and portfolio management strategies.
  • Analyze and evaluate methods of portfolio construction and management.
  • Analyze current theories, strategies, and methods for their application to global opportunities.