RES700: Foundations of Doctoral Research Methods

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Course Overview

This course introduces students to the components of scientifically acceptable research projects and the considerations that need to be made to narrow the focus of topic choice and research methodology.  Key topics include:

  • General theories and principles of educational and business research
  • Selecting a research topic and design
  • General research methods, including statistical methods
  • Collaboration and peer review as important parts of scientific research
  • Research implementation and dissemination

The course project, Doctoral Research Project Proposal: Identifying Topics, Methods, and Design for Research, is a doctoral level research project proposal that helps students demonstrate their ability to apply what they have learned about choosing a research topic.  Students will apply research searches, design, methodology (including basic statistical methods), writing for research dissemination, and leadership skills and knowledge to the solution of a practical but significant problem in their field.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Examine educational and business research within professional and academic contexts and from diverse ontological and epistemological foundations.
  • Justify research approaches to relevant issues and problems within the field.
  • Synthesize major theories of research within philosophical traditions and contemporary approaches to inquiry.
  • Synthesize research principles relevant to ethics, leadership, and responsibility within contemporary scholarship.
  • Appraise the decision making processes involved in research methodology and design selections.
  • Investigate and formulate a description of various research methods applicable to a chosen topic, demonstrating an in depth understanding of the applications of these methods.
  • Evaluate and critique research plans through peer review interactions with classmates.
  • Prepare a final research project description to serve as a foundation for dissertation research, including plans for implementation and dissemination.