RES703: Advanced Quantitative Doctoral Research Methods

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Course Overview

This course focuses on complex quantitative research methods and analyses used in doctoral-level research. The course focuses on experimental and quasi-experimental design using multivariate and inferential analyses. Probability sampling, intervention, and group comparison are integrated into an advanced quantitative study design. Students will also design and pilot test a valid and reliable instrument for quantitative data collection.

The course project is a pilot study report that presents (a) the design and results of a pilot study to test a valid and reliable self-designed instrument appropriate for quantitative data collection, and (b) proposes a study designed to use the pilot-tested instrument in a two-group experimental or quasi experimental research study to investigate a relevant research problem within the field.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Appraise inferential and non-inferential statistical methods with emphasis on causal inference.
  • Operationalize constructs to develop testable hypotheses.
  • Produce and assess valid and reliable data collection instrumentation.
  • Validate a quantitative data collection instrument in a pilot setting.
  • Formulate an intervention for quasi-experimental or experimental research design using equivalent or non-equivalent groups and probability sampling.
  • Plan for an experimental or quasi experimental research study that incorporates multiple variables.

Course Prerequisites