RES704: Trend Forecasting

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

In this course, students will be investigating and applying proactive trend forecasting concepts and techniques (also known as strategic foresight and future studies) to successfully move their organizations and careers into the future.

The course is a tool box and practice lab for time-tested, field-tested, how-to techniques for building the following skills:

  • How to anticipate and seize future opportunities through trend forecasting.
  • How to anticipate and manage future crises through trend forecasting.
  • How to apply trend forecasting to sharpen competitive edge.
  • How to identify bad thinking habits that blind us to winning trend forecasts.

The course project is a research paper that applies 10 key trend forecasting techniques to the student’s doctoral research.  The course emphasis, including the course project, is on practical "take-aways" that empower students to discern and seize the future.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate and apply trend forecasting concepts to seize professional and personal opportunities.
  • Synthesize rationales and techniques for deploying trend forecasting in organizations and in research.
  • Identify, discuss, and evaluate professional resources beyond the course to support trend forecasting in the field of study.
  • Review, analyze, and synthesize the major theoretical underpinnings of trend forecasting and futurist studies to appraise how these theories contribute to business or educational practice and research.
  • Investigate and apply research theories and identify methodological insights in building individual annotated bibliographic citations for use in the doctoral program.
  • Identify and assess applicable seminal research, theory, and/or methods from this course relevant to individual research question(s); and contribute to the field of study by the creation and extension of previous knowledge.