RES705: Leading Change

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

The intent of this course is to be a vehicle for exploration into the concepts, theories, and best practices in leading organizational change in various environments. The course focuses on the nature of change, change models, change theories, and the linkage to leadership/change theories that are necessary for success in today’s world. The intent is to provide the opportunity for learners to gain a thorough understanding of the critical steps of how to put leadership and change theories into practice in their respective fields.

The weekly discussions in this course will entail research based topics where the students will analyze and synthesize various author’s viewpoints with the intent of creating challenges and perspectives with their classmates. The weekly written assignments will also be research based projects that will allow students to personalize their learning with actual applications in their respective fields. The final project will be an application learning based on an actual change effort of their choice. The paper will be assessed on the student’s understanding and application of the theories and best practices on leading change.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Compare and contrast the relevant leadership and change theories as they relate to various industries in today’s business and academic settings.
  • Analyze and synthesize the need for planned organizational change as it relates to business or academic settings.
  • Assess the readiness for change in an organization.
  • Examine underlying patterns of leadership and change as they relate to their effects on successful organizational change.
  • Evaluate the concepts of leading change as an organizational development practitioner.
  • Evaluate the effects of how measurement processes of organizations drive the culture and behaviors that lead to success.
  • Evaluate a current leadership and change process and link it to the best practices for leading change.
  • Analyze, illustrate, and apply the concepts of Open Systems Theory, sustaining change, and the directions for future change.