SCI201: Science and Technology

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Course Overview

This course provides a multidisciplinary exploration of the contemporary social implications of modern science and technology. Course topics address scientific and technological developments that have generated social debate in recent years. Topics discussed include:

  • Energy demands
  • Health and medical developments
  • Space and information technological advances

The course project, Position Portfolio: Developing Opinions on Scientific and Technological Developments, is a collection of papers written by the student about module-specific topics. Using text readings, web resources, and module themes, students formulate their own positions on controversial topics.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Describe the role of governments, businesses, scientific experts, and private citizens in advancing and regulating scientific and technological development.
  • Identify the pros and cons of alternative energy forms.
  • Weigh risks associated with increased agricultural production methods.
  • Evaluate the idea of space exploration for human colonization.
  • Describe the social impact of information technology with respect to privacy rights.
  • Explain issues related to biotechnology and genetic cloning.