SCI202: Physics of Modern Technology I

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Course Overview

This course examines basic topics of modern technology such as motion, force, energy, clocks, musical instruments, and electricity to understand the underlying principles of physics that govern technologies based on these areas.

Students learn that things are predictable and are based on physical laws. Easily understood visual models assist in advancing a conceptual understanding of physics and its application to the real world. Students will learn these physical principles using:

  • Effective journaling skills as they work through the visual models, demonstrations, and reading assignments.
  • Interactive collaboration methods as they work with peers to better understand problems, solutions, and explanations.
  • Individual problem solving that is supported by journaling and collaboration, and focuses primarily on students’ ability to explain how physical principles apply.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Acquire journaling and note-taking skills when confronted with technical reading to efficiently and accurately explain to themselves the physical principles encountered.
  • Interact and collaborate with peers to be able to explain physical principles and underlying governing relationships.
  • Work physics and technology problems, explaining in layman's terms the underlying physical laws that govern technology used in modern technologies and devices.

Course Prerequisites

Special Requirements

Speakers or headphones