SCI203: Physics of Modern Technology II

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course continues to build on the foundations established in SCI202 and examines items of modern technology, including radios, microwaves, and nuclear weapons, to understand their behavior based on the underlying principles of physics. Easily understood visual models are used in an effort to advance the student’s conceptual understanding of physics and its application to the real world.

Students will record their reasoning, reflections, and questions, and learn to make predictions about the principles of physics using:

  • Entries that demonstrate consistent and comprehensive effort as well as critical thinking
  • Graded problems
  • Collaborative problem-solving exercises

Course Learning Objectives

  • Explain many everyday phenomena and technologies in terms of basic physics principles.
  • Apply that understanding to predict and explain behavior in novel situations.
  • Evaluate whether proposed technologies are possible or not, according to the laws of physics.

Course Prerequisites