TM400: Technical Services Management

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Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course introduces students to management skills associated with technical services and organizational planning, and optimal methods for combining these two areas of management. The course covers two key areas and how they intertwine: (1) technical planning (hardware, software, and network topics) and (2) human resources.

The course project, Information Technology Infrastructure Plan: Developing a Complete Strategy for Technical Services, gives students an opportunity to create a comprehensive technical services unit. Students will consider the structure of the IT department including recommendations for staffing levels and tactics for managing projects, hardware, software, and the company's network and computer security. A training design for staff along with a special IT staff training and retention strategy is also included.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Describe the importance of project management and general planning within an organization.
  • Explain the importance of the hardware and software life cycle, balancing security with usability.
  • Hire staff that fit an organization and retain qualified staff.
  • Recognize the need for standardization, balanced with usability.
  • Learn how to foster cooperation and communication within the organization, breaking the stereotypical adversarial relationship of IT staff to the rest of the organization.
  • Evaluate bias and reliability of news, and stay up to date with changes in the industry.
  • Write an information technology infrastructure plan for an organization.

Special Requirements

Students will need Microsoft PowerPoint for creating the final course presentation.