United States Marines

Photo courtesy of Department of DefenseAt JIU, your success is our mission. As a member of the Marines, you, your spouse and adult dependents are eligible for a host of benefits that make earning a degree from JIU simple and affordable.

  • Reduced undergraduate tuition—$250 per credit hour or $750 per 3 credit hour course.
  • Waived fees—All application and academic fees are waived for JIU military students and their dependents.
  • Cost of undergraduate books covered by the Military Book Program.
  • 20% tuition waiver for graduate degree programs.

Visit our military tuition page to review program tuition costs, and to get a more personalized cost breakdown, as well as your Military Shopping Sheet, go to the net price calculator.  To learn more about additional financial aid options available to you click here

Tuition Assistance

You may also be eligible for Marine Corps Tuition Assistance (TA), which offers financial assistance to service members who elect to pursue off-duty or voluntary education. 

As of 1 October 2013, the Marine Corps TA funding budget will be divided into fiscal quarters.  Once quarterly funds are exhausted, TA approvals will be deferred until the following quarter.   When TA funds are available, approvals will be contingent upon the Marine meeting all eligibility requirements and will be limited to classes that begin during that quarter.  For example, a class that begins on 15 January 2014 will not be approved for TA until 1 January 2014 and will be funded with available fy14 second quarter funds.  TA requests can only be submitted within 30 days of the start date of the class.

In addition, the Marine Corps has placed several restrictions on Tuition Assistance effective 1 October 2013 that include:

  • First time Active Duty TA applicants shall have a minimum time in service of 24 months.
  • TA shall be authorized for first-time TA applicants for only one course, unless documentation is provided that the Marine has at least an Associate's Degree or at least sixty (60) academic credits and a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • TA shall not be authorized for duplicate degrees (E.G., second associate degree) or double majors.
  • TA shall not be authorized for classes that begin prior to the conclusion of a previously approved course.
  • TA shall be authorized for only one course in the succeeding academic term in the event that, (1) overall GPA falls below 2.5, (2) A "D" is received in any course during the previous term, or (3) a voluntary withdrawal occurs from any courses that occurred during the previous term.

Please click here to see all the latest eligibility requirements, and for more information, and to access the orientation and other forms needed click here.

SOCMAR-4 University

Jones International University is a SOCMAR-4 university, which means we offer reduced residency requirements, flexible transfer policies, and accept non-traditional credit such as military experience and tests. For more information on SOCMAR-4 click here.