Allan L. Canfield

Dr. Canfield, now retired, served as an administrator and faculty member at the State University of New York at Buffalo where he received his PhD in Speech Communication. Dr. Canfield taught a wide range of courses and served on important committees, including the University-wide Curriculum Committee.  He wrote and received several grants. He authored a chapter in the introductory Communication text.   

While serving on the Dean’s staff in the Continuing Education Division  Dr. Canfield edited Adult Learning Psychology: Implications for Higher Education, found on ERIC. This work was an outcome of a conference that he created celebrating the 50-year anniversary of the Division. His current book includes an analysis of nonverbal behavior as a function of social processes.   

He received a number of awards, including the University-wide Professional Staff Outstanding Service Award, the BALSA award while he was an administrator at the University Law School and, earlier, the International Pal award while serving as a cryptographer in the United States Army in Korea.

In public service, he presented a number of workshops in Western New York and spoke at regional and national conferences. He hosted both television and radio programs for several years. He served as a member of the Erie County Mental Health and Manpower Committee and a founding member of  the Erie County Penitentiary Advisory Committee.