Angie Parker

Dr. Angie Parker has worked in the area of distance education for over fifteen years. During that time, she has been instrumental in developing virtual programs for three universities. Those programs are currently being offered to students across the United States and around the globe.

Dr. Parker's background in research has spanned the development and utilization of technology as a tool for teaching and learning.  She is well published in such journals as the Distance Administrators Journal and the Journal of Educational Technology

Dr. Parker was also the recipient of a Fulbright Senior Scholar Award in April, 2009. This award took her to South Africa to study the use of technology in university classrooms across the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The results of her work indicated a need for more governmental funding and training of faculty as the infrastructure is not currently available to introduce distance learning to this region of South Africa.

Most recently, Dr. Parker served as Dean for a School of Education in Phoenix, Arizona. Her administrative skills and background in distance learning will enhance the development of the distance education direction for Anthem College.  She hopes to build on the current programs and add others as the needs are identified.