Arlene Gibson

Arlene Gibson's collegiate studies emphasized becoming a turnaround leader in an urban environment; this was not only accomplished with her Doctoral Degree, but in further study with scholars from Harvard University. She has 17 years’ experience teaching both graduate and undergraduate students at Wayne State University, Davenport University and South University. Previously, she was the Director of the Office of Career Technical Education for Detroit Public Schools responsible for assuring that the district’s CTE delivery system was based upon goals and objectives in accordance with state guidelines. As a High School Principal, she developed and maintained an effective educational program consistent with state and federal guidelines and the philosophy, policies, regulations and strategic plan of the school board. She has received numerous local state and national awards for excellence in education, designing marketing curriculums (exemplary program award) and a National Entrepreneurship Consortium Award for Outstanding Leadership in the Field of Business Creativity and Entrepreneurs.

Currently, Arlene is the Director of High School Success at the United Way, and is responsible for raising the graduation rate to 90% in low achieving schools. In addition, Arlene has co-authored a book for South-Western Publishing Company and National DECA titled, School Stores and published in the JSD Journal.