Ina Ann Freeman

Dr. Freeman is currently teaching at a grande ecole in France where her courses are diverse but remain within international business or marketing. She has taught in France for over 3 years within the grande ecole system. Previously, she taught in the United States and Kazakhstan. Her experiences in different countries have highlighted much about the international arena.

Dr. Freeman’s research specializes in international marketing, although she researches and writes on a number of other topics, including corporate social responsibility, ICT, higher education and international business. Currently, Dr. Freeman is exploring the value of ICT within the Web 2.0 framework. Her research also focuses on the consumer and the consumer’s behavior within the international arena as well as exploring the differences and similarities of higher education among and within countries.

Dr. Freeman has recently published in The Journal of Business Ethics and The Canadian Journal of Higher Education. She has published chapters in books, the most recent being a chapter on retailing in France and a chapter on retailing in Brunei (2010).