Dr. Jeanette Amayo received her higher education in Florida where she earned a BS in Mathematics from the University of Miami, MS in Special Education from Florida International University, and an EdD from the University of Central Florida in Educational Leadership. Her dissertation was titled, A Comparative Analysis, on an International Level, of the Graduation Rates of Students with Disabilities. This was an original study analyzing Exceptional Student Education laws, policies and procedures, assessment and graduation rates on an international scale. She has spent a majority of her experience working at Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) in Florida first teaching in the K-12 spectrum as a Special Education Educator, then as an Elementary School Administrator for schools of varying demographics. In her career at SCPS, she has facilitated school initiatives that raised student achievement including establishing a school model of Professional Learning Communities and was on a panel for Teacher Collaboration at the National Center of Urban School Transformation Symposium in May 2013 in Houston, TX. She also co-authored the K-5 Curriculum Writing Plan for Mathematics and Science as the lead administrator for all Seminole County Elementary Schools as well as selected the science textbooks on the Textbook Adoption Committee. In addition, she was part of a committee that redesigned the report cards that are now still currently in use.