Linda Talley

Linda Talley, PhD. brings over 20 years of experience as an executive coach and OD consultant, having worked in external consulting roles during her career. Combining her skills as an executive coach with her knowledge of leadership development, Linda has been highly successful in working with senior leaders, executive teams, and sales teams. She has deep experience coaching leaders in the executive suite, having engaged in long-term coaching relationships with CEO’s, President’s, and COO’s, in addition to leaders at the VP and Director level across several industries. She had developed particular expertise in coaching financial institution leaders. In addition to work with her private clients, Linda has been a professional speaker in the area of advanced communication strategies for leaders for the past 17 years.

She has also written numerous articles for various professional magazines, has authored 6 books and has been interviewed for numerous national media, including USA Today, Cosmopolitan, American Way and Investors Business Daily.