Maraya Lopez

Ms. Lopez holds a Master of Fine Arts as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

She has extensive knowledge of Western art through her academic research as well as through the independent research she conducts while making frequent visits to the world renowned museums and galleries in New York City. She spent two summers during her undergrad years, studying Italian Art History at the Santa Reparata International School of Art in Florence, Italy. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, where she is emerging as a visual artist, and teaches art history and art to children in low income communities.

Previously, Ms. Lopez was employed by The Museum of Modern Art in Ft. Worth, Texas. She has also worked as an artist assistant for numerous New York -ased artists. Previously employed as a Graduate Assistant at Pratt Institute in the Graduate woodshop, she had the opportunity of challenging students to consider their projects from an art historical standpoint, as well as, conceptual perspective.