Michael Jazzar

Dr. Michael Jazzar has held positions in education as a university administrator, board member, superintendent, principal, director of curriculum and grants, and teacher where he was voted twice by his colleagues as outstanding educator of the year. Dr. Jazzar’s university teaching has included curriculum, instructional methods, finance, law, supervision and personnel courses.

Dr. Jazzar has written university curricula, aligned to meet NCATE standards and state approval. He has served as a chair and a member of a plethora of dissertation committees. Dr. Jazzar’s grant procurement and curriculum writing has been successful with over twenty million dollars procured in his career. 

As one of the founders of the Western Michigan University Leadership Academy, a nationally acclaimed program, over ninety-six percent of the graduates of the Academy were appointed to administrative positions. In addition, Dr. Jazzar has been a coordinator between universities and twenty-two school districts. He has used several platforms of technology in leadership preparation and K-12 school settings.

Dr. Jazzar has consulted with school districts in the United States and abroad. He authored three books, two chapters and over twenty publications in top-tiered journals.

Superintendent License, Principal License, Counseling License, Secondary Teaching License