Padma Polepeddi

Ms. Padma Polepeddi has a Masters in English Literature from a University in India and 6 years of online teaching experience in English Language and Composition. She is a faculty member at Jones International University, and an adjunct faculty member at CCCOnline (Colorado Community Colleges) and Westwood College.  

In addition to being an educator, Padma also holds a library supervisor job with the Arapahoe Library District, in Centennial, Colorado.  

She is currently an active committee member and was the co-chair for the Special Populations Committee of the Colorado State Library that works with libraries in diversity outreach. She was nominated and received the Library Journal’s, “Mover and Shaker” award for 2008, recognizing her passion for library service and diversity outreach.  

Padma has made several presentations at the Colorado Association of Libraries annual conferences and she most recently was involved in coordinating the first ever Diversity Summit in Colorado that gathered librarians from various libraries across the state to identify and to strengthen diversity outreach.  

In her public library experience, Padma has helped people from various countries and nationalities with various languages in getting assimilated into the new American environment.  

It’s this passion to help every individual realize his/her full potential and her academic background in English Literature that has made her a successful online faculty where she reaches out to students in this virtual learning environment.  

Ms. Polepeddi is currently pursuing her second Masters degree in Library Science at Emporia that will lead her to earn a PhD.