Richard J. Thomas

Mr. Richard J Thomas has been enthusiastically involved with and committed to online higher education since 1999. Thomas’ career in higher education began in 1979. Since 2000, he has been a member of JIU’s faculty. Currently, he teaches courses in the business communication and business administration degree programs. Mr. Thomas also serves higher education as a course revisionist and course developer. The most recent courses developed by Mr. Thomas are Interpersonal Communication and Organizational Training and Development. Thomas is currently developing a Public Speaking course and revising a Peace and Conflict Studies course.

He received the 2005 and 2006 Online Faculty of the Year Award from Colorado Community College Online and the 2006 Jones International University Faculty Excellence Award.

Mr. Thomas' independent research interest comprises the following topics:

  • Interrelationship of new technology, communication and online learning
  • Online learning’s impact on student retention and application of knowledge
  • Business communication in the online environment
  • Interpersonal communication (both online and offline)

In addition to his experience in higher education, Mr. Thomas was employed for eighteen years in various business management positions within the publishing industry. In 1992, he received the highest employee award presented by Scripps Howard, The TOTAL QUALITY AWARD, presented for his research, development and implementation of database marketing projects. Upon receiving both national and international recognition for his pioneering business application of database marketing to the publishing industry, he made numerous presentations throughout the United States and in Western Europe.