Sharon L. Burton

Currently, Sharon L. Burton is a human capital and learning professional leading online business course development, curriculum & certification implementation. Sharon is also guiding the implementation of a learning management system for the 11th largest USA automobile manufacturer. For seven years, Sharon led the update, design, implementation, and training of business and operations management curriculums. Also, she led training for an international university to train faculty and administrators on educational systems and portals. For three years, Burton served as adjunct and TA for quality management and operations management courses. From 1989-2000, she designed operations curriculums, and taught for over 1500 people throughout the USA. The curriculum included 100 courses, plus over 80 modules and leaders’ guides.

Sharon is published in over 25 academic conference refereed proceedings and journals such as the Journal of Applied Learning Technology. She published two books: Quality Customer Service: Rekindling the Art of Service to Customers (2007), and Diversity: Just What Is It And Why Does It Keep Changing? (2009). She has several journal articles in review for journals such as Journal of Advanced Management and Business Research, JAMBR.  Currently, Sharon has four educational book chapters in review for publication.