The JIU Library

The primary mission of The JIU Library is to evaluate, select, organize and provide access to information resources and services that support the students, faculty and staff in the online learning environment. The JIU Library participates in the university’s commitment to support each learner’s success with responsive, caring, relevant and readily available services for a geographically dispersed adult student body by:

  • Promoting life-long learning skills.
  • Meeting the diverse teaching, learning and research needs of students, faculty and staff.
  • Providing information resources and services of the highest quality that support the curriculum in our bachelor, master, doctorate and certificate programs.
  • Providing 24/7 access from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

The JIU Library 

The JIU Library provides 24/7 online access to a variety of research resources in online formats. These resources, as well as librarian contact information and research assistance, are available on The JIU Library page which can be accessed through the student portal or through online courses.

Library Resources

The JIU Library is a 100% online library. The Library is linked from all course pages, and it is accessible to registered degree seeking students. The Library provides a range of important services and resources for all students. These services and resources include:

  • eBooks (Electronic Books) - Access to over 45,000 e-books covering a variety of subjects.
  • Research Databases (Articles) - Access to over 40 research databases. Over 500,000 articles are available via 40 databases.
  • Ask a Librarian (Live Chat with a Librarian) - A team of on-call reference librarians are available at all hours, every day, to assist students with their questions. Using chat software, students can ask a question day or night, and be guided to appropriate resources pertaining to their research questions. Students have the option to print-out or receive an email containing a transcript of the chat, which will include hyperlinks and other important information to which the librarian took them.
  • Everything Search -This federated search allows students to search quickly across a variety of databases and catalogs using a single web interface.
  • Library Tutorials - Several demos and tutorials to help students with research.
  • Research Guides - Over 75 research guides covering several different subject areas under Humanities, Social Science, Science and Technology, and Business. Thousands of annotated resources in more than 75 subject-specific guides that introduce students to each topic, explain research strategies, and point them to a broad range of information resources.
  • General Reference Resources - A comprehensive list of links to almanacs, dictionaries, maps, encyclopedias and other reference works for swift and easy access to reference resources. More than 125 sources, organized into 15 categories that help students locate just about anything in this online reference area.
  • Document Delivery Service - This service borrows articles from other libraries that are not available in the online library databases for students. Certain restrictions apply.
  • Government Resources Section - Links to an often-overlooked resource: government documents. With materials from more than 250 government sites, this resource provides access to more than 100,000 full-text documents including laws, regulations, statistics, technical reports, technical specifications and standards, consumer guides, business resources and educational materials.
  • Technical Support - All JIU Library users are provided technical support via telephone and email. Students can also get help after hours when experiencing technical difficulties or needing technical assistance.