EdD K-12 Education Leadership Internship

Welecome to all K-12 Education Leadership doctoral program candidates, cooperating school faculty, site supervisors and JIU faculty members!

Here, K-12 program candidates will discover resources and guidelines to facilitate in the successful completion of their doctoral internship for educational leadership. Faculty and K-12 site supervisors will find invaluable assistance here as they support and guide JIU candidates in developing positive impacts on K-12 student learning and achievement.

The K-12 Education Leadership internship is a supervised field experience designed to afford EdD and EdS candidates the opportunity to apply theory to actual practice under the direction of a qualified, cooperating site supervisor in an approved K-12 institution.

Comprised of six sequential courses, the EdD/EdS K–12 Leadership program requires 300 hours of internship over six individual courses that students complete at an approved K–12 institution. The learning outcomes, assessment and content of these courses are based on standards developed by the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC). ELCC standards are published by the National Policy Board for Educational Administration. ELCC reviews educational leadership programs in educational units accredited by the National Council Accreditation for Teacher Education (NCATE).

In these courses, candidates will be provided with an overview of the activities and processes related to conducting an internship as well as obtaining and completing the internship as required. Finding a site, establishing a relationship between the site and the course, and appraisal from the site supervisor and evaluation from your faculty member, all will be explained in the resources available here. Utilizing these resources, candidates will be able to synthesize and apply knowledge and practice as required by the accrediting bodies mentioned above.

EDI791 Facilitating a Shared Vision of Learning

EDI798 Leading K-12 Organizations that Foster Learning

EDI803 Managing Learning Organization Resources

EDI800 Collaboration and Learning in Diverse Communities

EDI796 Ethical Leadership

EDI802 Understanding and Influencing Society

Below are important resources that will guide candidates, cooperating site supervisors, and JIU faculty members in fulfilling their role in the internship experience. Feel free to read them and utilize them as you obtain and complete the required internship.

Information Guides

Course Resources

Professional Standards