Society of Scholars

Society of Scholars logoOn April 18, 2012, Jones International University established the Society of Scholars. This society is endeavored to evolve and nurture scholarly concepts and activities, including the continuing professional development of JIU faculty and students, clustered around the culture of graduate education and research at JIU.

The Society of Scholars created and commissioned a subcommittee called the Committee on Excellence in Scholarship and Teaching (CoExist) to organize and facilitate collaborative scholastic initiatives that would promote, support and reward academic research and publications of the JIU faculty and students. Click here for information about the Society of Scholars Scholarships.

Through the guidance and support of the CoExist Committee, JIU has developed a Teaching and Learning Commons. The JIU Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC) consists of collaborative virtual meeting spaces that support faculty networking,  faculty and graduate student academic research and publication resources as well as faculty development.

The JIU Teaching and Learning Commons is crucial to the mission of Jones International University and fulfills the goal of the JIU Society of Scholars. Through the implementation of the Teaching and Learning Commons, JIU is able to provide collegial networking opportunities, faculty support for scholarly collaboration and support faculty development..