JIU Virtual Research Conference

I welcome you to this year’s JIU Virtual Research Conference. Each year, JIU is excited to hold this event through the sponsorship of the JIU Society of Scholars. The Virtual Research Conference provides an opportunity for participants from our academic community to focus on refining their research and scholarship activity. We have invited both JIU doctoral students and faculty members alike to submit innovative proposals, interact with one another, and exchange research approaches, and to provide important mentorship and structured guidance for the development of academic research and presentations. We are most excited to see the largest participation rate ever for this conference, with 15 proposals for scholarship that have been submitted!

Through the Virtual Research Conference, JIU underscores its ongoing commitment to academic research and scholarly publication, the underpinnings of a graduate culture.

Please enjoy this opportunity to sharpen your skills, gain better insights and improve your scholarship ability and opportunity! I thank you for your participation and look forward to your interaction during these two weeks of the JIU Virtual Research Conference.

Lisa R. Braverman, Ph.D.
Chief Academic Officer |Jones International University

Virtual Research Workshop logo

Listed below is a collection of some of the presentations and papers from our faculty members and students. We have archived the 2013 Virtual Research Workshop for your reference. For the 2014 Virtual Research Conference the Society of Scholars has organized the conference papers and presentations submissions in three categories- student, faculty and informational. The Society of Scholars wants to thank the faculty and students for sharing their wisdom and expertise.

These presentations are posted in the Teaching and Learning Commons in the TLC810 and TLC300 courses. Discussion threads will be set up and we encourage all faculty and doctoral students to participate.