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Jones International University® is proud to announce its first annual Virtual Research Workshop. The Research Workshop is sponsored by the Society of Scholars and facilitated through the Office of Faculty Development. The targeted participants for this Research Workshop are JIU Doctoral Students and JIU Faculty Members.

JIU has a commitment to academic research, scholarly publication and our graduate culture, and the purpose of the workshop is to encourage and provide structured guidance for this effort.

This Virtual Research Workshop will be held on Friday and Saturday November 1 and 2, 2013 using WebEx technology facilitated from the JIU Campus in Centennial, Colorado. The Workshop hours for Friday are 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, and Saturday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm MDT.

Papers are being solicited on all aspects of business and educational research. Authors are strongly encouraged to submit work that could be useful to business leaders and educators suggesting strategies for transferability and/or implementation. Draft papers are to be submitted by Midnight MT on Wednesday, July 31, 2013. The recommended paper length is 10 to 20 pages using APA formatting rules. Please refer to the following documents: Call for Papers Submission Form and Authors Guide.

All papers submitted will undergo a double blind peer review and be returned with a status of Accepted as Written, Accepted Pending Changes or Rejected. All paper submissions are publish-to-present. Submit all papers to: FacultyDevelopment@jiu.edu.

In addition to research paper presentations, Round Table discussion topics will be made by JIU subject matter experts related to:

    • How to Publish
    • Basic APA Rules [By Dr. Sally Everts]
    • How to Pick a Research Topic [by Dr. William Armosky]
    • How to Fill Out an IRB [by Dr. Sally Everts]
    • How to Use Research Databases & Tour of the JIU Library Resources [by Jennie Murphy]
    • How to Prepare for Your Defense
    • Professionalism and Collegiality Related to Selecting a Dissertation Chair and Committee Members [by Dr. Emma Cornell]
    • Research Methodologies
      Qualitative [by Dr. Dorothy Della Noce]
      Quantitative [by Dr. Jeff Stevens]
      Mixed Methods [by Dr. Kathleen Hargiss]

For questions or ideas concerning the First Annual JIU Research Workshop contact: FacultyDevelopment@jiu.edu.

For instructions and details for submitting a paper, refer to the official Call for Papers Submission Form.