Faculty Development

The Faculty Development portion of the Teaching and Learning Commons contains several components that are included for the support and growth of each of our faculty members. The intent is to provide a collaborative space where faculty members can get to know other faculty members, become informed of new information that relates to teaching at JIU and to provide opportunities for collaborative research that result in publications or presentations in peer-reviewed settings. We appreciate the skills and talents that our faculty members bring to JIU. The purpose of the JIU Teaching and Learning Commons is to support the continued professional growth of our faculty members. Some of the components of the Teaching and Learning Commons are described below:

Faculty Café

The Faculty Café provides an opportunity for each faculty member to get acquainted with new and seasoned JIU faculty members by chatting about collegial matters or sharing questions or suggestions about topics related to teaching.

Faculty Updates Bulletin Board

The Faculty Updates Bulletin Board includes news items and recent updates to JIU policies. This informative space provides a centralized place where faculty members can check for information updates or changes that affect them.

Faculty Research Interests

We have posted short educational biographies of our Doctoral Faculty members that include their research interests in the Research Area of the Teaching and Learning Commons. We hope that other faculty members will identify with some of these research areas and begin networking and collaborating with our experienced faculty on the development of future research and publications. Click here for information about JIU Faculty Scholarship Expectations.

Virtual Work Group Spaces

Because our collaborative research space is located within a course shell we are able to provide secure and private work spaces for collaborative groups to share documents and engage in discussion forums. We hope that faculty members will seize the opportunity to be mentored by seasoned scholars – and that the experienced faculty members will welcome the opportunity to gain fresh insight and new perspectives. We strongly encourage all faculty members interested in publishing to post their research interests in the discussion forums under the Research Interest thread - to see if they can find a collaborative group to work with.

Forum Discussions

The Faculty Development area also includes Forum topic discussions that relate to teaching.

We encourage faculty members to initiate topic discussions and help facilitate discussions in order to promote insight or improvement in teaching skills so that our students have great learning experiences.

We encourage both new and experienced instructors to share their best practices. We hope all faculty members will feel comfortable asking questions and providing support for each other in these discussions.

JESS Courses

JIU provides several orientation courses:

  • JIU700 Orientation for New Faculty Members
  • JIU800 Orientation for Doctoral Chairs and Committee members
  • JIU101 New JIU Student Orientation Course – it’s great to know what information is included in the new student orientation course so that instructors can refer back to the resources included within the course.
  • JIU501 Orientation for JIU Masters and Doctoral Students