Society of Scholars Scholarships

Jones International University® Society of Scholars Scholarships and Funding Categories

The mission of the JIU Society of Scholars is to promote excellence in scholarship and teaching. The Scholar’s Fund was formed by the JIU Society of Scholars to support, recognize and encourage scholarly activity among JIU faculty and graduate students.

The Society of Scholars financially supports three categories of research and scholarship.

    1. Research in Online Education: The Society of Scholars’ primary interest is scholarly research that advances the knowledge and practice of online teaching and learning in the fields of education or business, as well as scholarly research that advances knowledge and practice of the technologies and business issues related to online teaching and learning.
    2. Research in a Discipline/Teaching Area: In addition to research in teaching and learning online, funding is available for faculty research that advances knowledge and practice in their discipline or pedagogy.
    3. Nominating Student Research: In order to encourage the scholarship of JIU graduate students, faculty are invited to nominate funding for Dissertation of the Year awards or funding for publication or presentation of dissertation-related student research (completed within one year of graduation from JIU).

Note: Scholarship Funding is usually awarded after the completion of the scholarly activity, for example:

    • after a paper has been accepted for a peer-reviewed publication
    • after the presentation of a peer-reviewed conference presentation or 
    • after the awardee has returned from a professional development activity

    Sharing Research Results and Conference Participant

    Resources Because the purpose of the Scholar’s Fund is to promote scholarly research, dialogue and collaboration, Scholarship Fund awardees give JIU permission to post their scholarly work, related web links, etc. as the JIU Society of Scholars deems appropriate. Depending on the funding requirements, awardees may also be asked to prepare and offer a JIU-hosted virtual presentation about their scholarly work.

    Application and Awards Process

    1. Faculty member reviews and selects the appropriate funding category application Research in Online Education, Research in a Discipline/Teaching Area, and Nominating Student Research and submits the completed application form (including supporting documents) to JIU Faculty Development at:
    2. Faculty Development verifies that:
      1. The applicant is in good standing with the University
      2. The applicant included all of the required information and documentation required for the scholarship application
      3. The publication or conference is peer-reviewed
      4. JIU is credited as the source of funding for the work, or is listed as the primary institutional affiliation
    3. Applications are reviewed 4 times a year: January, April, July and October. Through collaborative dialogue, the Society of Scholars arrives at an overall score for each application using the Society of Scholar’s Fund Rubric designed to measure the funding criteria.
    4. Final Funding Determinations. The Society of Scholars Chair will prioritize and determine scholarship funding based on the current priorities of the Society of Scholars and the amount of available funds.
    5. Funding Announcements. The Society of Scholars Chair will email a determination letter to all applicants. Announcement of awards will be published in the Teaching and Learning Commons.

    See Faculty Development for information about JIU Faculty Scholarship Expectations.