Student Collaboration and Research

The Teaching and Learning Commons includes a collaborative space for graduate students to network and receive academic mentoring by JIU graduate faculty.

The educational biographies of the graduate faculty members are posted in the Faculty Bios and Research Interest space. We encourage graduate students to the read through the academic interests of the graduate faculty members to see if they can identify similar or related interests. If students can identify a faculty member who has the same research interests that they do, it can be a bridge toward collaborative research endeavors.

The Student Collaboration and Research space is housed in a course shell that allows for the creation of separate, collaborative work spaces that can accommodate the development and revision processes required for the creation of a Master's Thesis, Doctoral Dissertation or separate research publications.

We want to remind students and JIU faculty members that the Society of Scholars provides academic research scholarships for graduate students and faculty members. Contact Faculty Development regarding the Society of Scholars application process.