Graduation and Diploma FAQ

I’m ready to graduate. What’s next?

1. Graduation Process must be completed

2. Diploma Requests are only accepted if you are in a Graduate status and all financial obligations have been met

3. Create your profile in the Alumni Portal to participate in the online ceremony

*See FAQ questions below for each separate process.

What are the requirements for graduation?

Students must complete all degree program requirements and submit all required documents.

When will I be reviewed for graduation?

A review takes place once a month and after the grade for the final course has been posted.

When will I move to a Graduate status?

Students are moved to a Graduate status after a degree audit has been conducted and approved. Graduate status changes typically take place during the 3rd week of every month.

*For questions regarding graduation please contact your Student Solutions Advisor (SSA).

How do I request my diploma?

Students must submit the Diploma Request Form along with payment.  Please note, all graduation and financial requirements must be met before ordering your diploma. In addition, JIU will place you on the order list once you have moved to a Graduate status.

*Please note: Forms will remain on file for 30 days after receipt; if you have not fulfilled all graduation and financial requirements within the 30 day window, your request will be denied and your payment will be returned to you.

How much do diplomas cost?

The cost of requesting a diploma is $100 for Undergraduate and Master level students and $350 for Doctorate students.

How will I receive my diploma?

We will provide the student a FedEx tracking number once the diploma has been mailed. Diplomas shipped to a PO Box or internationally, will not receive a tracking number.

When will I receive my diploma?

JIU works with a 3rd party vendor and only orders diplomas towards the end of every month. Delivery of diplomas will take 6 – 9 weeks. For example, if your final course ended at the end of January, your graduate status will be updated in the middle of February. Your order will be placed at the end of February and delivery of the diploma will be in April or May.


Course End Date Graduate Status Change Diploma Order List Diploma Delivery Date
End of January Middle of February End of February April or May

What will I receive in the mail?

You will receive two copies of your diploma and honors cord (if applicable).

When does the online ceremony take place?

The ceremony takes place once a year (June). Students eligible for participation will receive separate emails regarding deadlines and commencement details.

How may I participate in the online ceremony?

Students will need to create a graduation profile on the JIU Alumni Portal. Visit the site, click on the Alumni Directory tab and then log in. Click on the Edit Profile tab to complete your profile. By filling out your profile information, answering the graduation questions and uploading your photo, you will be represented in the yearbook, as well as in your online graduation ceremony. Your graduation profile will be created based on the information you provide in those sections.

*Please note: You may only gain access to the Alumni Portal once you have moved to a Graduate status.

What is my username and password for the Alumni Portal?

Your username and password credentials are the same as your Student Portal account.

Are my Student Portal and Alumni Portal account the same thing?

No, your Student Portal provides access to your unofficial transcript and information you would have seen as an active student. The JIU Alumni Portal is your connection to JIU, your classmates and fellow JIU alums.  Take the time to list yourself in the JIU Alumni Directory, connect and network with JIU alumni locally and globally. As a JIU alum, you will have continued access to Total Professional Advantage  2.0 and the JIU Library. Both incredible resources are available to you 24/7. We also encourage you to connect with JIU on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. Start connecting now!

Link to Alumni Portal: JIU Alumni Portal

Link to Student Portal: JIU Student Portal