Student Concerns and Appeals

Please visit the Student Handbook for complete policies and procedures.

Students may submit a formal complaint against a university official for the following: capricious, arbitrary, discriminatory or prejudiced acts from University officials, including JIU faculty (please refer to the Final Grade Appeals Policy for grade appeals of final course grades). The process is a two-step procedure: first, there will be an attempt to mediate the complaint, and, if mediation is unsuccessful, the filing of a formal complaint.

  • A student who has a complaint (or grievance) against a faculty member, JIU staff member or fellow student will contact Student Affairs (; Jones Listens).
  • Where possible, the student will be instructed to mediate this complaint by contacting the faculty member, fellow student or staff member (see Mediation Process which follows).
  • Where the complaint cannot be mediated, the student will file a formal complaint with Student Affairs (see Formal Complaint Process and Investigation which follows).
  • The party or parties identified in the complaint will be notified and will be instructed to submit a written response to Student Affairs (; Jones Listens).
  • The JIU Office of Student Affairs (OSA) will review the complaint and the response(s) and issue a decision and resolution.
  • The decision of the OSA is final.

PLEASE NOTE: Should the student complaint be against the Director of Student Affairs or the Office of Student Affairs, the Chief Academic Officer will act as the mediator/impartial third party to investigate and act on the complaint.

For details and instructions in these areas, please consult the JIU Student Handbook:

Filing Complaint with Accrediting Agency and Relevant State Agency

Students are encouraged to follow the Mediation Process when seeking resolution of a complaint. Federal law requires that students are also provided with contact information for the institution’s accrediting agency and relevant state agencies in the event that the student desires to file a complaint with these agencies. The contact information for state agencies can be accessed through the following link: Contact Information for Student Complaint Processes.

JIU’s accrediting agency may be contacted at:

Higher Learning Commission
230 LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500
Chicago, Illinois 60604