Awarding Aid

After you have registered for the appropriate number of hours and submitted all required documents to JIU, we will determine your awards and send your Confirmed Award Letter via email. The Confirmed Award Letter will indicate your awards for the academic year and the anticipated dates for disbursement of your awards.

If you decline the offered awards, we will contact you to determine your method of payment. Award revisions are normally the result of your request for an adjustment. But, it is possible we must make changes to your awards to remain in compliance with FSA guidelines. You will be made aware of any award revision via email.

It is always a good idea before you commit to the amount of loans on your award letter, you have all the information and knowledge to borrow smartly. JIU has a series of video and webinar resources that we encourage you to take advantage of before making that loan commitment.

Smart Borrowing Before Enrollment: Episodes 1-4

The Cost of Borrowing Money

Limit Your Loan Debt

Student Loan Horror Stories – Know what you are borrowing, you do have to pay it back!

What is an Academic Year?

To remain eligible for Federal Student Aid, you must enroll in consecutive terms for at least half-time status. A term is 16 weeks; an academic year is 32 weeks or two terms.