My JIU Card

Giving you options to a faster stipend

Jones International University (JIU®) has partnered with HigherOne®, a financial services company, to bring you two additional options to receive your financial aid stipend disbursement. These options will allow faster, more timely access to your funds and include 1) A JIU issued Debit Card that can be used wherever Master Card is accepted or 2) Direct Deposit to your selected checking or savings account. We are very excited about this opportunity to provide students a choice on how they receive their stipend.

What is a stipend?

A stipend is excess financial aid funds after institutional costs have been satisfied. Common reasons you may receive a stipend include:

  • Financial Aid Funds in excess of Tuition Costs
  • Tuition Overpayment

Activate my JIU card

How do I choose my stipend preference?

Every JIU student will receive a My JIU Card in the mail. Upon receipt, you simply need to activate the My JIU Card and select the method you would like to receive any stipend money payable to you (i.e. Debit Card, Direct Deposit or Paper Check). Thereafter, all financial aid stipends will be delivered to you via your selected method.

Visit today to activate your card and select the method of receipt for your stipend money. If you have any questions regarding this program, please call our Student Services Deparment at 1.800.811.5663, option 3.

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