Military Tuition

Have you already borrowed loans to pay for school?

If your answer is yes, please read this article on options that Military personal have to defer their loans.

Student Loan Deferment Options for Military Personnel

As a member of the military community, you have access to a variety of ways to finance your education. We’re here to help you understand the various financing benefits available, determine which option is best for your situation and answer any questions you may have about the application process. Our military tuition costs and any other potential, estimated fees are stated below.  We recommend speaking to one of our Military Admissions Counselors or your Student Solutions Advisor to go over all your options.

Please use the resources below to learn more about borrowing federal student aid, your military benefits and the Military Tuition Assistance program.  

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Financial Literacy for Students with Military Educational Benefits

Tuition Assistance Program Article

Everything You Need to Know About the Military Tuition Assistance Program

The chart below reflects costs of attending JIU, with the discounts offered to servicemembers and their families. For a more personalized cost of attendance information, and to receive your Military Shopping sheet, visit our Net Price Calculator or speak with an Admissions Counselors or Student Solutions Advisor in order to consider all options for financing your education.


Program of Study Credential Earned Credit Hours Time to Complete at Full Time Status Tuition per Credit Hour Est. Supplies Total Cost Graduation Fee Est. Total Cost
Associate's Program
Associate of Arts in Business Administration  AABA 60 20 months $250 $0 $0 $15,000
Bachelor's Programs
Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication BABC 120 40 months $250 $0 $0 $30,000
Bachelor of Business Administration BBA 120 40 months $250 $0 $0 $30,000
Accelerated Bachelors to Masters BABC or BBA 120 40 months $250/ $644 $680 $0 $35,408
Accelerated Bachelors to Masters Cyber Security (ABM) BBA 120 40 months $250/ $644 $1,020 $0 $38,112
Master's Programs
Master of Business Administration MBA 36 24 months $644 $2,040 $0 $25,244
Master of Arts in Business Communications MABC 36 24 months $644 $2,040 $0 $25,244
MEd in Adult Educators and Administrators MEd 30 20 months $480 $1,700 $0 $16,100
MEd Programs for Licensed Educators (ECIA, CLD, IT, SCIA) MEd 30 20 months $480 $1,700 $0 $16,100
MEd Programs for Licensed Educators (ELA-PAL) MEd 36 24 months $480 $2,040 $0 $19,320
MEd Programs Leading to Initial Licensure (ECIA, SCIA) MEd 36 24 months $480 $2,040 $0 $19,320
MEd Programs Leading to Initial Licensure (IT) MEd 42 28 months $480 $2,380 $0 $22,540
Doctoral Programs
Doctorate in Business Administration DBA 72 36 months $612 $3,060 $0 $47,124
EdS in K-12 Education Leadership EdS 36 24 months $612 $2,040 $0 $24,072
Doctorate in Education EdD 72 36 months $612 $3,060 $0 $47,124
Graduate Certificates
Graduate Certificates in Business Certificate 12 8 months $644 $680 $0 $8,408
Graduate Certificates in Education Certificate 9 6 months $480 $510 $0 $4,830
Graduate Certificate in Education (TESOL General) Certificate 12 8 months $480 $680 $0 $6,440
Graduate Certificate in Education (TESOL Comprehensive) Endorsement Certificate 24 16 months $480 $1,360 $0 $12,880
  • Note: Estimated Total Tuition and Fees above does not reflect the use of transfer credits towards a Degree Program which, if utilized, may reduce the estimated cost of total tuition, books and supplies. Tuition and fees are subject to change at the discretion of JIU.
  • Note: Military students receive a reduced tuition rate at the undergraduate level and pay a standard $250 per credit hour.
  • Note: In the Accelerated Programs, the cost per credit hour is $250/credit at the Bachelor level and $644/credit at the Master level. Undergraduate-level course materials are paid for by our Military Book Program for military students; however Master-level course materials must be paid for independently by military students. 
  • Note: Jones International University does not assess any fines or penalties for students who have experienced a delay in the delivery of their Title IV funds.


Scholarships are gift funds that do not have to be repaid and are awarded to students based on a variety of criteria such as athletics, high academic achievement, special talents or circumstances, or other conditions association with the sponsor, and they are not all meant for graduating high school seniors. We encourage you to investigate the availability of scholarships or grants from all sources.  Below are a few links to help get you started, and visit Scholarship Help for tips on how to apply.  

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