Tuition and Fees

Every student considering enrolling at JIU needs to be fully aware of the costs and commitment to such an endeavor. Our tuition costs and any other potential, approximate fees are stated below. For personalized cost of attendance information visit our Net Price Calculator, speak with an Admissions Counselor or speak with a Student Solutions Advisor in order to consider all options for payment of your education.

We also feel it is important that before you have the discussion on tuition and other costs associated with your education commitment, that you understand how to responsibly borrow. Below are informative links that we encourage you to visit which will help expand your knowledge on borrowing a student loan smartly.

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How Much should I Borrow?

Students in all undergraduate and master level programs who complete a Credit for Prior Learning Portfolio are charged at a rate of $145 per credit. Contact your JIU Student Solutions Advisor for details.

Program of Study Credential Earned Credit Hours Time to Complete at Full Time Status Tuition per Credit Hour Est. Supplies Total Cost Graduation Fee Est. Total Cost
Associate's Program
Associate of Arts in Business Administration  AABA 60 20 months $530 $3,400 $100 $35,300
Bachelor's Programs
Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication BABC 120 40 months $530 $6,800 $100 $70,500
Bachelor of Business Administration BBA 120 40 months $530 $6,800 $100 $70,500
Accelerated Bachelors to Masters BABC or BBA 120 40 months $530/ $805 $6,800 $100 $73,800
Accelerated Bachelors to Masters Cyber Security (ABM) BBA 120 40 months $530/ $805 $6,800 $100 $75,450
Master's Programs
Master of Business Administration MBA 36 24 months $805 $2,040 $100 $31,120
Master of Arts in Business Communications MABC 36 24 months $805 $2,040 $100 $31,120
MEd in Adult Educators and Administrators MEd 30 20 months $600 $1,700 $100 $19,800
MEd Programs for Licensed Educators (ECIA, CLD, IT, SCIA) MEd 30 20 months $600 $1,700 $100 $19,800
MEd Programs for Licensed Educators (ELA-PAL) MEd 36 24 months $600 $2,040 $100 $23,740
MEd Programs Leading to Initial Licensure (ECIA, SCIA) MEd 36 24 months $600 $2,040 $100 $23,740
MEd Programs Leading to Initial Licensure (IT) MEd 42 28 months $600 $2,380 $100 $27,680
Doctoral Programs
Doctorate in Business Administration DBA 72 36 months $765 $3,060 $350 $58,490
EdS in K-12 Education Leadership EdS 36 24 months $765 $2,040 $100 $29,680
Doctorate in Education EdD 72 36 months $765 $3,060 $350 $58,490
Certificate Programs
School of Business Certificate Certificate 12 8 months $805 $680 $0 $10,340
School of Education Certificate Certificate 9 6 months $600 $510 $0 $5,910

Note: Estimated Total Tuition and Fees above does not reflect the use of transfer credits towards a Degree Program which, if utilized, may reduce the estimated cost of total tuition, books and supplies. Tuition and fees are subject to change at the discretion of JIU.
Note: Military students receive a discount at the Undergraduate level and pay a standard $250 per credit hour.
Note: In the Accelerated Programs, the cost per credit hour is $530/credit at the Bachelor level and $805/credit at the Master level.
Note: Jones International University does not assess any fines or penalties for students who have experienced a delay in the delivery of their Title IV funds.